Coronavirus: COVID 19 – Community Response
By Chris Arvanitis, Executive Director

1.      The World Health Organization has declared a worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 disease, also known as "novel coronavirus."

2.      The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a directive related to daily monitoring of personnel for symptoms concerning COVID-19.

3.      Effective April 9, 2020, the County of San Diego issued an Order of the Health Officer and Emergency Regulations (Effective April 9, 2020). In accordance with this Order, the actions outlined within this guideline are necessary to reduce the number of individuals who will be exposed to COVID-19, and will thereby, slow the spread of COVID-19 in San Diego County. By reducing the spread of COVID-19, the San Diego County's Order will help preserve critical and limited healthcare capacity in the county and will save lives.

4.      These protocols are for the health and safety of all staff and community residents.  All employees are required to follow all state and local heath orders regarding stay at home orders and social distancing requirements while not at work.  Failure to follow these orders places vulnerable residents and fellow co-workers at grave risk.

In accordance with state and local health department officials, the following changes to operations were implemented effective March 14, 2020:

  • All non-essential visitors are PROHIBITED from entering the community – Only those family members or service providers may enter the community for ESSENTIAL PURPOSES under the following conditions:


  • DO NOT ENTER this facility if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid19 including fever or cough or been exposed to someone that is ill WITHIN THE PAST 21 DAYS. This includes:
      • fever (subjective or T >=100° Fahrenheit/37.8° Celsius) or
      • cough or
      • shortness of breath or
      • sore throat or
      • fatigue or
      • muscle ache or
      • loss of smell and/or taste or
      • vomiting or
      • diarrhea or
      • nausea or
      • runny nose/congestion/sneezing or
      • headache
      • conjunctivitis


  • Any person entering this facility SHALL maintain a minimum of six-feet distance from EVERY PERSON


  • Do not shake hands or engage in any other unnecessary contact
  • ALL visitors entering this community SHALL wear a face mask/covering at all times. 


Real estate agents must contact the executive director regarding visitors, showings and any work to be performed by outside contractors at

  • ALL VISITORS and non-essential staff are PROHIBITED from entering the assisted living building


ALL congregate dining operations are suspended indefinitely

ALL residents may order room service meals by calling the room service number at 760-761-4651.  If the number is busy, you may also call the main number at 760-471-0083.  Meals will continue to be available with limited menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  All room service meals will be delivered using disposable items that do not need to be returned.  Staff will deliver your order to your door and will not be permitted to enter your unit or come within six feet of a resident.


  • ALL housekeeping operations are suspended indefinitely
  • The community center will be closed to everyone except essential staff


  • Limited transportation services will be available – Please contact concierge for information
  • In condo maintenance services will be provided in emergencies only


  • Door checks will still be monitored by staff, we ask that residents do their due diligence to open their doors every morning prior to 9:30 a.m.


If you are experiencing fever, cough, or any other respiratory illness, or have been exposed to someone that is ill, Contact your primary care physician and stay away from others.

Please understand that the association has a comprehensive disinfecting program in operation.  This includes extensive sanitizing of numerous contact surfaces daily throughout the community multiple times. Staff is screened daily for health conditions for the safety of everyone.

Please follow these steps to reduce the spread of any infection:

  • Wash hands with soap and water for minimum 20 seconds
  • Do not touch your eyes, mouth, or nose
  • Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid close contact with anyone that is ill
  • Wear a face covering/mask when at work or in public
  • Stay home unless you need leave for an essential purpose

We understand that this is a major disruption to the community services you are accustomed to; however to best protect the population of the Chateau, social distancing is essential.  Your health and safety are paramount and we need everyone to participate in helping to overcome this public health emergency.  Please be safe.

My sincerest gratitude for your understanding and patience,

Chris Arvanitis

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